10 Facts About Black Africans Natural Physical Strength

Black Africans are physically the strongest humans on earth. Black African athletes are often portrayed as gods. They are gravity-defying like Air Jordan, invincible like Iron Mike, supercharged like Usain Bolt, Magic Johnson etc. are all associated with supernatural strength. Black African men are seen as bigger, stronger, and scarier than other men, even if they are the same size. Here are the reasons why:

 1. Muscular Strength

The most feared people

Muscular strength is the amount of force applied against resistance. For example, lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects. On average black African person has more body muscular strength. Their strength level is higher than an average human being. This has been measured to test their fitness level. The main reason why they are most feared even by the strongest police force in the world. Sources: Wikihow, Washingtonpost 

2. Muscular Endurance

The most feared people in the world

Muscular endurance is the ability to continuously use muscular strength without fatigue. For example to perform consecutive pushups or repetitive squats without fatigue. Black Africans have greater muscular endurance that gives their muscles the ability to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period of time. It is one of the components of muscular fitness, along with muscular strength and power.

Their muscles can endure more repetitions of a single exercise without needing to stop and rest. They can do a full squat, a sit up or a bicep curl before breaking form. Muscular endurance is used during cardiovascular fitness activities such as running, swimming or cycling. Black Africans can do more intense loads of exercises. Source: Very well Fit

3. Lean Body Composition

The Most feared people in the world

Most black Africans show one overt sign of physical fitness which is lean body composition. This is the ratio of body fat to muscle mass, bone density and other parts of the body. These are crucial natural physical strength for sports excellence. Black African athletes are the best on the planet because of the fact that they possess superior physical strength. Source: Livingstone

4. Flexibility

The most feared people in the world

Physical flexibility is the ability to move joints through a full range of motion without pain. This decreases the risk of injury, less stiffness, increased agility and enhanced coordination. Black Africans flexibility has the range of motion of their joints and the ability to have their joints to move freely. They have the exceptional ability to move their muscles exceptionally, which allows for more movement around their joints. They have an increased range of motion and decreased the risk of injury during physical activity and much less muscle soreness after workouts and improved athletic performance. Source: Study

5. Cardiovascular Endurance

The most feared people on earth

The ability of the respiratory and circulatory system to provide oxygen to the body during sustained exercise. They have a strong heart, decreased levels of bad cholesterol and increased levels of good cholesterol. This is one of the reasons why black Africans are inherently better athletes.

Heart and lung endurance or cardiovascular endurance is the ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time. It requires a strong heart, healthy lungs, and clear blood vessels to supply the body with oxygen. Activities to improve fitness in this area include running, swimming and aerobic dance. Source: Randall

6. Sprint Genes

The best athletes in the world

Black Africans are genetically highly advantaged to be the fastest humans on earth. Sprinting and weightlifting require strong, explosive contractions from the skeletal muscles.

All black Africans have functional ‘sprint gene’ with superior muscle fibres, dense bone structure and muscle mass. This explains Usain Bolt’s dominance in the sprinting.

Black African sprinters and black African athletes, in general, all seem to have certain natural anatomical advantages. Source: Vault

7. Great Body Mass

Great Body Mass

The body water and anthropometric dimensions in black Africans are significantly greater. Black African have more good body fat at any given BMI compared to other people. Therefore, the cut-offs for overweight and obesity are lower for the black African populations. They have a lower risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Sources: Better Health , NCBI

8. Bone Mineral Density

Bone Mineral Density

There are anatomical advantages in the length of the Achilles’ tendon, the longest tendon in the body. Black Africans lack of subcutaneous fatty insulating tissue in the skin is a physiological advantage. That is one of the reasons why genetically black Africans are athletically superior. Sources: Vault , NCBI

9. Body Dimensions & Proportions 

Perfect body dimensions and proportions

Those physical trait accounts for the minute margin that separates the strongest and the rest. Some of the black African superior traits include the fact that many of them are tall, long-legged and narrow-hipped.

Black Africans have denser bones, narrower hips, bigger thighs, lower percentages of body fat, and in many cases longer legs in relation to their upper bodies. They run faster and jump higher with the combination of narrow hips, powerful thighs, low body fat and long legs are perfect for sprinting and jumping. That explains the Black Africans’ excellence at the physical force and sports. Sources: Vault , NCBI

10. Distribution of Body Energy

Distribution of body energy

There are many interesting different physical strength traits between black Africans and others. There is a marked difference in performance between black Africans and the rest. The DNA of black Africans contains more genetic variation than is present in the peoples of all the other continents combined. Black Africans have rare genetic combinations. This endows them with exceptional athletic talent regardless of their environments. Black Africans naturally possess higher levels of energy-producing enzymes in their muscles that allow them to train harder and longer and gain greater anaerobic power. The African continent holds more genetic variants than anywhere else in the world, hence the divergence. Even a small degree of black ancestry confers upon someone the genetic variation that can lead to exceptional athletic ability. sources: AcademicVault, NCBI

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